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Company Profile

Creative Virtual is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has offices in India, the United States, Netherlands, Singapore, and Australia. Global organisations rely on our technology to help optimise their customer support, sales, marketing and call centre operations, reduce costs, increase online sales and achieve operational excellence across mobile, web, call centre and social media channels.

V-Person™ technology by Creative Virtual helps enterprises leverage their collective knowledge across multiple channels. Due to its power and flexibility, businesses can easily deploy virtual assistants on any website, as a user-friendly mobile application, using IVR, or through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Delivering significant ROI by helping organisations reduce calls and emails by an average of 20-30%; reduce live chat interactions by over 80%; and operating at over 95% accuracy, V-Person is one of the world’s most compelling multi-channel self-service solutions. Analysing real conversations gives you powerful insights into customer behaviour and the types of interactions they are having with your brand.

V-Person Live Chat is integrated with the same knowledgebase being used to power the self-service virtual agent. V-Person Live Chat integrates with social media platforms such as Twitter, support communities and discussion forums as well to provide a central console for all live agent interactions. V-Person Live Chat is backed by V-Portal™, Creative Virtual’s intelligent knowledge management, workflow management and business intelligence reporting platform, which provides tightly integrated editing, testing, workflow and reporting functionality. The unique feedback loop, which enables agents to help keep content accurate and consistent for both virtual and live agents just by doing their normal jobs, is defining industry best practice.

Our technology has proven success in a variety of industries including Financial Services, Hi-Tech Cable and Wireless, Telecommunications, Retail, Transportation, Utilities and Government. We have an ever-growing list of global organisations including HSBC, Citibank, Lloyds Banking Group IDFC Mutual Funds, Government of Rajasthan, Government agencies in UK, and Transport organisations across the globe already leveraging our multi-lingual, multi-channel technology to create an improved customer experience for both internal and external users.

Key Features:

Natural Language Processing (NLP): Conversational; transactional
Navigating web pages: Sign-posting
Database look-up: Opening up the information silos to the self-service channel
Integration with real-time data feeds: Dynamic, real-time, accurate
Integration with backend business processes: Automating the more sophisticated processes through connectors
Hand-hold the user: The power of conversational natural language and Python scripting
Social media and community integration: Using the Facebook and Twitter APIs for example
Integration with backend user account system: Using Web Services to provide a highly personalised self-service experience
‘How-To’ videos
Live Chat integration: Seamless customer experience
Omnichannel: Delivering an engaging, consistent and accurate customer experience on all channels
Mobile/multi-modal interface: Speech, NLP and menus
Powerful Knowledge Management (V-Portal): World leading platform designed for the enterprise (graphical decision tree editor, reporting dashboard)

Speaker Profile

Shantanu Purandare
Executive Director - India
Creative Virtual Private Limited

Shantanu heads up Creative Virtual India. He has a strong development and sales background and has been in the information technology industry for over 24 years. Shantanu has been responsible for solution deliveries, and business development for the health, education finance, and aviation sectors across the globe.

He has a Masters in Information Technology from RMIT Australia, and a Masters in Business Administration from IIM Kozhikode in India. Having developed natural language compilers and expert systems he continues to be intrigued by innovative solutions that impact our daily lives, and looks forward to contributing towards making a positive impact on people and businesses.

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